Different varieties of birds can see throughout the backwaters, showcasing a mystifying collection of unique birds among the pantheon of general bird population it is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the serene loveliness of the environs. The solitary tones that can be heard at this point are that of placid flow of water and smooth calls of the birds.

Tourists can chill out here for a while if they are worn out of leading a swift existence. The main attractions are local birds like the waterfowl, Cormorant cuckoo, egret, heron and the water duck, as well as the migratory Siberian cranes.White necked stork, etc can see During October-May, Lesser Pied King fisher is another common bird in the lake.

Great Indian Hornbill is seen in evergreen areas. The largest population in western Ghat is at Kumarakom, The Woodpecker is the resident of the deciduous forest. Brahminy Kite is seen singly or in pairs. The sights of especially the flocks of parrots hovering in the paddy fields especially those fields with rice stalks in the bloom. You can also watch the black birds in group as a blanket sweeping across the sky in and around Kuttanand and Vembanad Lake