Backwater fishing is a flourishing industry in several parts of the state. Fishing is the main income earning way of Lake side residents. Most of the inland production is marketed domestically and consumed locally. you can see traditional fishing almost all areas of backwaters.

Kerala is the land of rivers, harboring a rich and diversified fish fauna with many rare and endemic fish species. The high rate of rainfall and the large number of rivers make Kerala the most fertile for fish Vemabanad Lake, Ashtamudi lake and Kayamkulam lake are rich with fishes Freshwater prawns, lobsters, crabs, clams and oysters are the main fish species. The taste of the much celebrated 'pearl-spot' fish are relished to be believed.

The Traditional way of fishing mostly using in Backwaters, The fisher man’s using small canoe for fishing with the help of net/ fish hook, The traditional fisheries sector has been a livelihood means for many over the years. The traditional fisher folk are all those men, women and children who earn a livelihood by involving in harvesting, handling, processing and marketing of fish and fish products.