Majority of the population in Kerala are dependent directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown in the state are Coconut, Paddy, Banana, Mango, Jackfruit, Pepper, Cashew, Areca nut, Rubber etc… Kerala is an Agrarian economy. Coconut is the most important crop in Kerala.

Kerala, known as the "land of coconuts", derives its name from the Malayalam word "kera" i.e. coconut. You can see coconut trees throughout the backwaters. Nearly 70% of Indian output of coconuts is provided from Kerala. Most of the Kerala houses have Coconut palm grown for immediate household needs. Coconut as the main ingredient for making Kerala cuisines.

Paddy is the other important crop in Kerala, Alleppey is known as ‘The rice bowl of Kerala’, Where green paddy fields are spread interlaced with enchanting backwaters lead us to the unforgettable sights. You can see rice fields in Kuttanad region between Thottappally and Alleppey, QST & R Block regions in Kuttanad are wonders of indigenous agriculture engineering know-hoe of Kerala, Here the cultivation and practiced below sea level.

Banana is one of the common agricultural items in Kerala. Throughout the country one can taste the different variety of Banana. Banana is a part of the daily menu of the people of the state. Mango trees and Jackfruit trees are inevitable components of homesteads of the state. Pepper is commonly cultivated as a secondary crop interspersed with several other crops.